Advanced Biomechanical Analysis

is the second generation of methods for tree stability analysis

We are building on the knowledge of biomechanics, verified by well known methods:

  • SIA (Statisch Integrierte Abschätzung),
  • WLA (Wind Load Analysis)
  • VTA (Visual Tree Assessment)

Calculation is complemented by the use of advanced methods of modeling and creation of 3D objects. The result is a comprehensive methodological procedure that allows the calculation of tree resistance to breaking (and to some extent uprooting) with increasing accuracy from simple visual evaluation(Level 1) to combination with the use of device-supported methods (Level 4).

Try out for yourself!

We are looking for the first users, that are going to help us out with testing and finishing the product to its perfection. If you are interested in free trial for a few months, while participating on final look of the tool, please let us know!